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who we are

With the aim to inspire you to take care of yourself through everyday simple rituals, Zippysparkles is a community based website dedicated to homebodies, introverts or fans of the slow life. We believe that the art of slow living is available to even the busiest of us:it starts with a cup of (herbal) tea. 

Sometimes we partner with other communities, businesses or brands all over the world whose values and brand ethos align with ours. 

We are always happy to hear from you and connect with the

ZS Communitea - feel free to reach out & connect. 

Lastly, we hope our work inspires you to live your best possible (slow) life - in pajamas (& many pots of herbal tea preferably!).

Drink plants + flowers, stay nourished.

herbs, plants

+ the homebody life


Being a homebody does not always mean being a potato coach.


Life at home can get pretty busy too! When we are not busy experimenting with herbal teas, you would find us testing out a new recipe or in pajamas cozying up to a book (well, ok, sometimes, Netflix too). We also believe that living well means having a holistic approach to self-care, and to us, that means living a plant-fuelled lifestyle, complete with an inspired mind & body.


Our teas are mindfully sourced from respectable suppliers in Asia who undergo our stringent supplier verification process.


We are ever-conscious about the quality and safety of our ingredients. Our teas are tested by a third party laboratory in Hong Kong for pesticides, heavy metals and pathogens.

living beautifully 

We are all for infusing happiness & sparkles into your lifestyle with our range of tea blends & products.

Happiness is simple - the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude whilst making space to appreciate the beauty around you. 


Conserving the environment is a matter close to our hearts.

Our packaging and marketing materials are carefully designed to be easily recyclable or compostable; and we make an effort to source and use sustainable materials as much possible.


contact us

We would love to hear if we have added some sparkle into your lives; share your stories and tag #zippysparkles if you'd like to be featured on our gallery. 

Connect with us at for collaborations, feedbacks, and more.

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