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3 reasons why you should include astralagus in your anti-aging regime

Astralagus herbal and natural beauty

Sunday mornings spent in Hong Kong, where I call home for the moment, are probably the best - that's when I like to unwind and prepare myself for the week ahead. Ever since embarking on this adventure with Zippysparkles, I like to spend my weekends enjoying pots of herbal tea, meditating, baking, reading, researching and looking to see how I can communicate my intentions better plus put out quality work for you ladies.

When it comes to healing and taking care of my body, I like to experiment and try different herbs, methods and tools - with the main aim to better my wellness & health. Discovering astralagus a couple of years ago (all thanks to my dad) is one of the joys of constant exploring herbal and natural remedies, being open to new perspectives & constant learning.

Anyway, here are three reasons as to why you should consider including astralagus as part of your everyday beauty food intake. Perfect for the busy beauties in bustling Hong Kong.

What is astralagus

Astralagus is traditionally used in the East for its healing properties to protect and heal the body, physique from stress, fatigue, diseases & illnesses.

While the astralagus herb has predominantly been been used in Asia for traditional healing & wellness, astralagus has only recently become popular in the West. Research to date of this superherb’s wonderful healing abilities on the physique has repeatedly shown to be positive, and scientists are still studying the healing constituents of the herb to heal the body and its amazing therapeutic effects.

Typically, the dried roots of astralagus are used to protect and support the body from stress and fatigue. However, for the purpose of this article and a matter to our particular interest ( listen up ladies!!) – the anti-aging compound comes from the cycloastragenol and astragalosides which are found in the astralagus root So, how does astralagus work as an anti-aging power agent?

In a nutshell:

1. Protects cells from aging

Cycloastragenol helps to increase the production of telomerase, an enzyme which supports the rate of repair and stimulate the production of the telomeres on the DNA. A study by a UCLA Aids Institute in 2008 has found that the active compounds found in the astralagus root, cycloastragenol and astragaloside can prevent or slow the rate at which the telomeres deteriorate with time.

Telomeres are the protective caps found on the ends of our chromosomes, and as we age, these protective caps will shorten through ‘wear and tear’. Scientists have found that the length of the telomeres correlates with that of aging, ie shorter telomeres have been found to be associated with age-related diseases.

2. Supports detox function

Research has indicated that astralagus helps to support the liver functions and protects the liver from damage. As we may already know – the liver works hard to detoxify our system & removes toxins from our bloodstream. Our modern lifestyles especially with the heavy use of artificial lights, mobile phones, processed foods & chemical pollutants – our livers are working overtime to help detoxify our body.

Thus this makes it ever important to make sure that we support our liver the best we can – and one way of doing so would be consuming a potent anti-oxidant and adaptogen like astralagus.

3. Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory

In the 2008 study by the UCLA Aids Institute, scientists have found that the chemicals cycloastragenol and astragaloside activate the telomerase enzymes found in the enzyme cells, T-lymphocytes, allowing these cells to multiply numerously & accurately. These T-cells protect the body against diseases, pathogens & viruses, thereby improving the immune system on a whole.

Astralagus is found in our Radiance blend, & as always - if you are on medication, have an existing medical condition, nursing or pregnant, please consult your doctor prior to consumption.

I hope this has been insightful, happy Sunday!

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If you would like further details, check out the list of references below for in-depth reading. Enjoy!

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