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Matcha Mint for a brand new year 🍵

Updated: May 13, 2020

Hey ladies!

A brand new year, another 360 new chances to getting it right.

Much has been said over the importance of solitude / quiet time for one’s self & we invite you to create space for yourself as we embark on new adventures in a fresh new year and yes, a brand new decade✨.

As you start work this week, here’s an easy 2-minute recipe you could treat yourself & loved ones to on mornings.

Matcha Mint


🍵one teaspoon our ZS Cleanse blend (which contains peppermint) in a tea strainer or infuser ball

🍵one teaspoon Matcha

note: feel free to adjust portions above depending on your preference of strength. I like ratio of Cleanse to matcha at 1:1, other ratios you could play with are 3/4:1. Feel free to play around & get creative!

🌱 garnish with rose bud, peach slices, or fresh thyme (optional)


1. In your favourite mug, add the strainer containing the Cleanse blend, one teaspoon of Matcha powder, and add water (that is a little below boiling point)

2. Let sit for 3 - 4 mins, I like to prepare myself for the day with a quick meditation, and I use these few minutes to do just that.

3. When you are ready, remove the strainer, lightly whisk the mix.

4. Garnish to your preference (or leave it as it is) and enjoy the cup of Match Mint, what bliss!

If you tried this recipe, remember to tag us at #zscommunitea on Instagram if you’d like to be featured 🍵


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