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A guide to making magic in a cup of tea (or coffee!)

I tend to get bored easily, thus I like to mix my routine. I like changing cities and learning new things, hobbies. That is what I love most about Hong Kong. It keeps me engaged, always alive, there is always something going on. So many people, so many stories. What a great place to be in!

I guess I am also in a pretty happy place after a great weekend at Iris. What great energy and heaps load of vitamin D. That experience deserves a separate entry altogether.

Anyway, when it comes to my love for mixing things up randomly, it's no different when it comes to making a cup of tea or my herbal floral blends. Over coffee with a friend one day, over entrepreneurship and brainstorming on ways to work together, I realised that while it may seem so easy for me to just mix ingredients, herbs & flowers up intuitively, it almost is the opposite for others. Midway though our conversation, I realised that my dear coffee date was completely at loss and that is how I decided that I had to make this mixing notes.

So here you go ladies, here is a quick cheatsheet as to how you could mix up Zippysparkles' herbal blends with tea, coffee, matcha. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun making it!

Download our cheatsheet to brewing the perfect cup of Zippysparkles' blend with teas, coffees & even into cakes here.

What do you like to mix your drinks with? Share your tips with us, we'd love to hear from you!

herbal teas and florals

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