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A Recipe for Sweet Love this Valentine's Day

Updated: May 13, 2020

I am not one to celebrate Valentine's Day - but I really like the thought of spoiling yourself and love ones silly just for the fun of it, so here's a super easy recipe to try!

Here's my spin off version of Ferrero Roche's balls, I wanted mine dairy free and less sweet and I figured it won't be too hard to make my own.

Herbal Hot Love Cocoa Balls for Valentine's Day

First off - I really love mixing things up and am not for strict measurements and recipes, so please note that these are approximations:) Go crazy and mix it up with your favourite herbs, plants, nuts!

I used maca and cocoa here as these are known to balance the hormones, cocoa and basil are also known to open the heart chakra. Perfect for Valentine's Day (ok.. cheesy I know!).

Cocoa Rose Hot Love Balls

makes: 8 balls

3 cups ground oats

one cup hemp seeds

3 tablespoons maca

3 cups raw cocoa powder

1/2 cup of dried cranberries

a dash of chilli powder


a shot of espresso

a dash of Radiance blend (prepared separately in advance in a teapot or with an infuser ball)

note: if you do add either of these optional items above, it makes the mix more watery. Thus, add more cocoa powder or oats to thicken up the mix.

Mixed it all up for a couple of seconds in a blender, with a little water.

With clean hands, roll up the somewhat doughy mix into 8 balls (or more/less depending on how big you make 'em!).

Leave it in the freezer for an hour (or fridge, it is completely up to you depending on how you like the consistency).

Take it out 15 mins before you'd like to savour these with your partner.

Top it with rose petals like I did here.

Fun tip: sprinkle some basil if you like. Basil, like cocoa, is most often associated with the heart centre and love, use it often to open the heart chakra allowing your heart to love openly.

Let me know if you tried this, or tag me, would love to hear your sparkle stories!

With love,x.

Herbal Cocoa Love Balls for your love ones

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