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Cosy at home with Crystal, founder of Your Daily Muse, HK [part ii]

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

ZS Editor's note: Due to some mysterious technical glitch, we were not able to load the entire part of the chat with Crystal earlier in March. In the spirit of going with the flow (& slow), I decided to improvise and slice up the story into two parts. I think it worked wonderfully, and thus, as below, the rest of our tea time with Crystal. Put on the kettle, make some herbal tea, put your feet up & enjoy the quick read.

How do you typically spend your evenings?

- relax with my ritual of having a hot shower (or bath, if I need extra relaxation), of course with one of my soaps.

- turn on my diffuser with my favourite essential oil before bed and enjoy a face and neck massage to soothe the tension built during the day.

- from time to time, apply a homemade natural clay mask.

What are you working on at the moment?

About to complete an UK Organic Skincare Formulation Course, to deepen my scientific knowledge on natural ingredients' benefits. I am also constantly improving my soap recipes and developing aromatherapy oils for body and face.

What are your top 3 favourite products from Your Daily Muse, and why?

1. Hidden Gems (Himalayan Salt Soap) - Soap for Body and Facial Use

Made from 50% Himalayan Salt, this soap creates a luxuriously creamy lather. Himalayan salt acts as a powerful detoxifier which deep cleanse your skin and help soothe tense muscles.

2. Nectar & Mana (Oatmeal Honey Soap) - Body Soap for Normal or Sensitive Skin

Made with oatmeal, shea butter, honey and the essential oil blend (bergamot and orange). This soap provides nourishment and also has antiseptic effects that helps soothe inflamed skin.

3. Daily Elixir (Hand Oil) - Aromatherapy Hand/ Body Oil

Designed for easy application on the go. Generally plant oils are very rich and nourishing, so only a few drops are needed. The essential oil blend also has a therapeutic effect to help soothe and uplift your mood.

my evening rituals involves a hot shower (or bath, if I need extra relaxation), diffuser with my favourite essential oil before bed, a face and neck massage & from time to time, a homemade natural clay mask.

As we ended our conversation and completed the first batch production of The Tea Bath, outside near the streets of Hollywood Road Hong Kong, the air was light and crisp, people were happily busying about in anticipation of the Lunar New Year Celebration (the meet up took place in January). It was a good thing that we enjoyed what was (at that time) a seemingly ordinary catch-up ( in retrospect, given the current COVID-19 situation worldwide, such cosy chats over tea these days without a face mask is considered a luxury!)

Note to self: & hence, the importance of appreciating the present moment (we'd never know what the future would bring)

Keep safe, happy and inspired all, x

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