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Beauty tea mocktail recipe// the “Pink in the City”

Hi ladies! I hope you are all enjoying the start to the weekend.

Here’s a last minute drink you could create in under 10 minutes - perfect for your next book club meet or girl nights in.

I have been enjoying hosting dinner and drink nights these days at the studio, and nothing gives me more pleasure than serving up something so pretty (& honestly, easy - because who’d want to mess up the kitchen after a long day at work?!).

So here you go, an easy under-10-minutes mocktail that is both alcohol and sugar free:

meet the “Pink in the (Hong Kong) City”:


•2 teaspoons Radiance Beauty Blend by Zippysparkles

•1 -2 teaspoon hibiscus (depending on how pink or red you’d like the mix to be)

•1 teaspoon rose hips

•ice cubes (optional) - skip this step if you’d like to opt for a hot drink

•dress it up with your favourite dried flowers: here I chose carnations, amaranth and calendula. Other variations you could try are lavender, rose petals, osmanthus, jasmine, mint, lemon slices - the sky is the limit:)

Click below to watch:

Do let us know if you made it! We’d always love hearing what you’ve all been up to x

Easy tea mocktail with Zippysparkles' Radiance Beauty Blend
Easy tea mocktail with Zippysparkles' Radiance Beauty Blend - invite your besties over!

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