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It's all in a minute

A couple of weeks ago, one morning while in the usual rush to get to my corporate day job, I was feeling particularly harassed since I have been quite overstretched with various roles recently.

I decided in the spirit of all rebellion, I shall take my time to work that morning and who cares if I were to show up late. Those meetings can wait, and I was quite ready to eat alive anyone that dare question me that morning (it almost is considered a crime should one arrive a minute late at my work place). So I took my sweet time to finish my pot of tea while enjoying some music; then took (extra slow) pleasure in enjoying the short walk to the MTR - taking in the shops, the walkways, the many different faces hurrying about to start their day. When I finally reached work, quite sure that I was in big trouble, I realized that I clocked in only 2 minutes late for all that deliberate time I took (how was that possible?!!?). For just 2 minutes, I have definitely manage to recenter my scattered thoughts and I definitely was in higher spirits. And no, I also did not end up having anyone for breakfast thankfully that morning ( I am also vegan actually and do not intend on deviating anytime soon).

For just two whole minutes , it was soo worth it, and really, quite a liberating discovery. So, these days, whenever I find myself making madness within myself (as I may typically do), be it at a queue at the post office or market, or for a help desk to pick up my call, or in a frantic chase to reply 'in timely fashion' to all emails, I remind myself that these few minutes will give me all the time I need to ground and recollect myself. All other matters can wait (note: its always easier said than done and I still lose my patience some days!). Notably, I discovered that by taking the time to go about my daily activities I have somehow managed to free up more time. Probably with the increased focus and calm? How do you make space for stillness in your everyday? p.s: Monday night, during my nightly reads, I found that Tim Ferriss made mention in his latest book the 'Tools of Titans' ( page X - hmm I can't quite find this page at the moment since I like to flip this book and read randomly but I am pretty sure it is mentioned somewhere and I will edit this bit of my post when I find the section again!). Anyway, in Tim Ferriss's deliberate attempt to take things one at a time, it had somehow miraculously resulted in increased effectiveness and definitely mental stability ( ie max results with minimal stress).

I guess thus that this is probably an experience realised by many other wise souls, and probably wouldn't hurt if you were to put it to test :) Have an amazing (almost!) long weekend!

Rather unrelated post, but a good read anyway IMO

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