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Live according to the laws of Nature

Herbal blends, gifts from nature

Living in Hong Kong can be rather overwhelming. What a plethora of sounds, people, energy, movement.

Last evening, quite by accident (rather..I suspect by the Universe's plan) - I stumbled upon a documentary, Biomimicry, which showcased the beauty and effortlessness of Nature in its perfect and imperfect creation, how Nature creates according to a basic law, The Law of Least Effort/Resistance.

How beautiful, for this is something I have always known and try to practice in these years, to hear it last night when I was in a low vibration was a sort of message to reaffirm my beliefs. What perfect timing.

''The ... Law of Least Effort. This law is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. This is the principle of least action, of no resistance. This is, therefore, the principle of harmony and love. When we learn this lesson from nature, we easily fulfill our desires''

-Deepak Chopra & Annie B. Bond in Spiritual Solutions #9: Law of Least Effort, Inside and Out, Huffington Post.

If we are one and a part of Nature's ecosystem, how to we best live abiding to these basic laws?

Here are 4 ways:

1. Learn to say NO

Living in a city like Hong Kong, there will always be an invite for a night out, a drink, a coffee, a meet-up. Something to do /check off that list. Something to be. As tempting and as much as I would love to do all, I have learnt that sometimes, the best thing to do is to listen to the state of my physical body at times - to slow down, go home and rest.

I know, it's always hard since there is always something exciting to do hey?

2. Eat simple, clean, whole foods

About 5 years ago I turned vegan, and I am never turning back. It is probably one of the most natural, simplest way of living I know. To some that I have spoken to however, living clean, vegan or healthy is rather complicated - I know, with that many choices of superfoods to choose from, it can also seem expensive! However, again, I learnt over the years, that expensive doesn't always equal quality and neither does simplicity mean 'inadequate'. Thus, in the nourishing of our body, I have learnt to keep it simple: green, fresh, in season & from the local markets.

3. Make time for 'Me' time

I used to be afraid of being alone. As I evolved into the person I am today (and am still growing!), I wouldn't be able to express how important this is - to make time to just be, and to indulge in the simple things that my heart wants to do, such as learning a new skill, reading, having a cup of nourishing tea. I also learnt that this does not necessarily mean running off to India or some exotic country to find ourselves, because everywhere and anywhere we need to go - we will bring ourselves - the spirit. So really, we can just find ourselves simply by being in the neighbourhood park or in the comfort and quiet of our own room. Again, simple, effortless.

4. When stressed, stop & distract

This - I found out quite by accident. Whenever faced with a seeming roadblock/hurdle/mental block these days, I like to disengage from that activity altogether and do something else completely unrelated. So, if I am frustrated with the pace of a project, I just turn off the computer, and run off to make raw cake. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea with my love. Or attend a flamenco class. Usually, the Universe would then deliver the inspirations/answers to me whilst I am in the midst of doing something else. How perfect.

So there you go, Nature's simplest law of survival and creation applies to us. We are one with Nature. We are part of the Universal creation, one and connected.

Make space in your heart for everyday happiness & sparkle.

With love.

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