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Reishi mushroom : a possible key to unlocking wellness & beauty

herbal beauty tea in Hong Kong with superblend of reishi, astralagus, jiaogulan and flowers for women

Not too long ago, while living in Singapore and working in Banking, the stress took a toll on my hormones, skin and happiness levels. It was a vicious cycle as the skin irritation continued to stress me out further, while dampening my mood to socialise or even exercise.

Though I had not realised it at that point in time, it was a blessing in disguise really, because that tough period set the stage for my spiritual growth and allowed me to further discover the world of plants and herbs to nourish the body & the mind. I will be forever thankful for the experience.

That's a whole different story altogether, but that healing episode allowed me to find out more about the world of herbs, its healing properties and how these are gifts from the Nature that can help our wellness & beauty at a cellular level.

Now, as always, I wish to state that I am no professional herbalist (though I'd love to be one!) nor do I wish to play the role of an online doctor, I write this based on my own personal healing experience with no pre-existing medical conditions.

There are endless articles and research available freely online that deep dive into the healing properties of reishi (and also other herbs) at a cellular level, but for the purpose of simplification (because we are all busy urban women yea?), Lingzhi mushroom( reishi) helps with beauty & stress (both mentally and physically) in that it:

1. Reduces inflammation & works as an antioxidant

In a 2004 study, it was found that reishi reduces inflammation at cellular level, by boosting the antioxidant capacity (higher antioxidant rate translates to lower inflammation)

2. Improves stress, anxiety

Research have found reishi supplementation leads to better sleep, thus supporting healthier brain & endocrine functions (& lowered stress & anxiety levels).

3. Helps with the immune system.

Positive correlations have been found between longevity (read: anti-aging) and the immune system, which reishi demonstrates to positively impact.

In short, what this means for busy, stressed out women living in the city? Based on the resources below (and numerous other references available online if you would care to Google), it may be worth including reishi (lingzhi mushroom) into your wellness rituals since it may well translate to better skin, better sleep & a greater peace of mind (from the lowered systemic inflammation).

If you'd like to indulge in reishi infused tea at work or at home, reishi (lingzhi mushroom) is found in our Radiance blend, which we have sourced from a reputable supplier in China & had samples of our blends lab tested by a 3rd party lab for heavy metals, pesticides and safety limits according to Hong Kong's & Singapore's standards. Find out more about our beauty blend, Radiance.

As always, please note that this is a personal opinion, if you have any doubts / any pre-existing conditions or below 18 years of age, please seek professional medical advice/parents' guidance prior to consumption.

List of references

I include a list of references here for those who wish to read more on the benefits of reishi:

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