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Sparkling Summer Iced Tea Recipe

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Hello ladies! How are you? We have just got back from a short break to Italy and suffering from a little jet lag (& well, plus post holiday blues! 🙈).

However , playing around with recipes in the kitchen and enjoying pots of herbal tea do help in getting back to the daily grind.

As we head towards summer and warmer days this June onwards, we thought that it would be nice to share a fun sparkling iced tea recipe (non-alcoholic and artifical sugar free!!). You could try this weekend for your BBQ/girls meet up or if you are hosting brunch at home:

Sparkling Summer Iced Tea Recipe


4-5 Egyptian peaches : washed & seeds removed

1 cup of fresh cherries : washed & seeds removed

2 teaspoons of Cleanse blend in a tea ball, or reusable linen tea bag

Garnish: Thyme (washed) or any other kitchen herbs such as rosemary, fresh mint or even basil

1. Add the fruits (peaches and cherries) together with the teabag/tea ball into a glass jug

2. Fill jug with warm/room temperature water until 3/4 full

3. Leave jug in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours (to properly infuse water with fruits and herbs in the Cleanse blend ) . If I am making it for an event, I would usually prepare this the evening before.

4. Just before serving the iced tea, top the jug with chilled sparkling water , and garnish with the chosen herb ( in this case, as pictured , thyme)

A note on the fruits : as always, feel free to mix it up as you wish. A fun way to do this would be to visit the local market and see what is in season, for an example, lychees, mangoes would also make for an interesting blend of iced teas!

Enjoy the sparkling (non - alcoholic!!🙈) iced tea this weekend, and do let us know what do you think if made this.

sending love and pots of herbal tea,


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