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Keep Calm & Tea On

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

“Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgments. Peace is not an ‘is,’ it is a ‘becoming.’ ” —Haile Selassie

One of our favourite way to unwind (especially on rainy evenings like the one we are having in Hong Kong) is simply skip gym, and come home to a (quiet) self-love ritual. I know, self-love seems to be such an over-rated word these days, but I couldn't possibly say enough how much these rituals are empowering /healing me in this super, busy city (note - I don't mean super busy here in a negative note, in fact, quite the opposite. I absolutely love the fast-paced life in Hong Kong!).

So, play some music, put on the kettle, light a candle, work on a (super snuggly!) knit project & sip on tea. Our Calm bag - a specially curated bag for introverts / homebodies, like us.

The Calm bag is special to me because it is a collaboration with a group of other women-owned businesses, women whom I have come to love over these few short months.

How precious it is to have such a close knit of women-entrepreneur community in Hong Kong.

A little about us behind this special curated Calm bag containing the finer details to a quiet night in.

Do you like this? Do let us know, we'd love to hear if we should curate more collectives like this! x


Orange Blossom Candle | Retail: RMB198

Natural organic skincare and aromatherapy products for home & emotional wellness. Our candles are hand-poured with natural soy wax and essential oils, and our skincare are carefully formulated with imported organic ingredients from Europe and the USA. Slow Living is spreading the art of slowing down!

Up to 40h burn time. Order on WeChat (atournier) or IG (@slowlivingchina).


The Everyday Scarf Kit (Knitting Level 1) | Retail: HK$290

Get yourself a little knitting therapy to unwind after a stressful day. Our starter kits include everything you need to knit your own trendy piece: premium yarn and tools, detailed photography and instructions, and exclusive access to online follow-along videos. The repetition of the knitting movements will help your mind focus on the present moment, and you will learn something new.

Shop on or at our retailers.


Beauty Blend, Radiance & Stainless-steel strainer| Retail: HK$154

Herbal floral tisanes created for the busy urban woman. We are about living inspired, living beautifully with herbs & plants. Created by a 9-5 corporate warrior for everyday wellness, lab tested for safety & quality. Enjoy quiet moments everyday with pots of our tea, make space for self-love.

We make magic at


Postcard designed by Treasure Me Creative

We are a graphic design company focused on creating visual identities and branding for business worldwide. Through collaboration with passionate owners we are able to combine both strategy and style together - resulting in an unforgettable brand presence. With a unique style that can be described as minimalist, feminine and elegant, we can create an atmosphere around the brand that includes colors, moods and inspirations.

More information on

As always, sending much love x

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