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welcome to our

cosy online communitea

The ZS Communitea is dedicated to a herbal tea-based slow, homebody life. 

We hope to inspire you to slow down, put on your favourite pj's & enjoy pots of herbal tea. 

Sometimes, if we are feeling inspired, we develop our own homebody products - some days, we work with other brands & communities all over the world whose values and ethos align with ours. 

take all the time you need to

nourish, heal & transform.

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Inspired by nature, our herbal tea blends and products are created for the modern woman. 

living beautifully | plant magic

Cosy at home with...


"It’s about the small steps, if you have the intention, are going to commit then you will succeed..."


"I truly believe that inspiration is also something that you must seek, and actively train your body and mind to do so..."


"Keep a couple of things in your life regular ... – for me it would be meditation and drinking tea. These are 2 simple things that I can guarantee that I can do every day, regardless of where I am."


"...that's my perfect day when I have time to do and create some beauty rituals even for myself as all the time I'm doing this for others."


"...I get inspiration when I am spending time with nature. I get inspired from hiking, eating fruits, going to a flower shop or watering my plant at home!"

herbal tea and plants Hong Kong Zippysparkles

beauty from within... with plants + herbs

a guide to mixing magic with  Zippysparkles' blends.

working from home?


Here are some recipes incorporating our wellness blends to keep you glowing

(& inspired)

what people say...

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Zippysparkles has amazing blends that are perfect for lazy afternoons.

I especially love Spring Clean as it helps calm my stomach and has therapeutic aroma

@yogateak, RYT200 Yoga Teacher

This one is just amazing. Everything I love in one cup. I am afraid I become addicted...cos I mostly drink herbal tea

@rabbitwtf, Urban explorer, content creator

Not only the blends are beautiful to look at, they also have a subtle and unique taste that I cannot find anywhere else. 

The balance of flavours is perfect and I always find myself reaching for Zippysparkles' Radiance over the usual teas. 

When I'm feeling stressed, it's one of the few things my stomach can tolerate and it really soothes my body and mind. 

@celinemahk, Creator of @knittingroomhk

On days that I fast I still drink herbal teas. My favourite blend is Radiance from @zippysparkles

@hackmyage, Sport nutrition coach, Longevity Master Plan author, Eating for Longevity Cookbook

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living beautifully

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