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Let's drink tea and plant trees!

The inspiration for this beautiful tree initiative came to me one morning some time at the start of 2019 as I sat at my desk,  sipping tea and thinking how we can do more to make a positive impact in the way we live and run Zippysparkles in this new year. As most of you may have come to know, I wanted my work with Zippysparkles to be a reflection of the things I care about. 

Since we have already been supporting a local HK based animal charity, The Society for Abandoned Animals  HK , I realised that it would make our efforts come full circle if we were to also contribute to the very space in which we call home - our Earth.  


and that was how this campaign was born: 


#Spoiler1_ Meet these illustrated coaste

Each "Let's Drink Tea and Plant Trees" impact set comes with a pair of illustrated coasters by Sao Paolo based creative, Fernanda Peralta <>

We worked with Fernanda in the past weeks resulting in the creation of these beautiful designs, depicting a hot spring / summer day with nourishing tea and fur-friends. 

With this campaign going live this Earth Day April 22, we are partnering up with One Tree Planted where for every set of Let's Drink Tea and Plant Trees sold, we will plant one tree in Asia. One Tree Planted plants trees in a couple of regions all over the world: North America, Latin America, Africa & Asia. For now, I am going to focus our efforts on Asia - where with every purchase of our impact set, we will plant one tree in Indonesia or India. 

I do not know if we are going to be successful in planting a jungle (wouldn't that be nice!), but I think it would give me so much joy to even just plant one tree. Let's see. 

Why trees?

Trees are the pillars to the space we call home, our Earth. Trees give us the air in which we need to survive.

I work in Central, Hong Kong and on days that are particularly stressful, I would go out for a walk in the nearby park. There is something very healing and grounding to be near trees, and if you are ever stressed out or sad, go sit by a tree and touch its roots. Feel the release of stress or negativity as you do so. If you have never tried this, I urge you to try it the next time you are stressed out or sad. 

Do continue to watch this space as I shall post updates of the number of trees planted in India and Indonesia over the period of this impact campaign.

With love x.


Image source: One Tree Planted <>

how we Plant Trees for $1.JPG

Image source: One Tree Planted <>

Spoiler #3 meet the insta-worthy gold (s

Each Let's Drink Tea and Plant Trees impact set comes with a gold stainless steel infuser ball as pictured above. 

Glow while on the go ✨_Loving these new

Choose your favourite Zippysparkles blend - Radiance, Beauty Tea or Cleanse, Detox Tea.

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