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To live inspired

2016 is drawing to a close, and it is the time of the year where we most sit and reflect.

2016 has been a year of inspiration for me , both personally and professionally.

It is also in the later months of 2016 that the notion of Zippysparkles was born, where I realize that I wanted to create something beautiful, nurturing, magic.

I love the study of biological study of the human physique , specifically one I suspect that is also at the heart of most women: youth & longevity, beauty.

I frequented books, articles & papers on herbs, plants and the art of living so one could enjoy vitality and youth for as long possible. I know we are all made different, some age better than others being blessed with certain DNA - these are factors we cannot change ; but I found through my readings and in my own experiences that there were certain variables that we can play a part in influencing: the way we live, breathe, eat, think and mentally focus on; every second, every day.

Numerous studies have shown for example of how plants, particles of water thrive when exposed to beautiful, supportive & loving words. There are also stories of real people who have overcome illnesses or certain bodily conditions just by changing their lifestyle, what they eat, and replacing the internal bashing that run on replay mentally with loving thoughts instead.

So, in short, this is what Zippysparkles is all about - focusing on the change that we can make for ourselves so we live the best life possible. The everyday creation of the better version of ourselves both physically and mentally. The daily self love & self care, so we make sure we are cups half full before we take care of our loved ones and all other beings.

To live inspired.

I hope that this project inspires you , dear reader as much as it inspires and creates faith and hope in me.

To a beautiful 2017,

With much happy & magic ❤

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