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Universe in our hearts

I recently discovered Pranic Healing, and excited as I was, I promptly scheduled two back to back energy cleansing sessions for myself. I was seeking clarity and peace of mind, inner direction as I felt certain changes oncoming in my life.

The healing session took place on a Saturday and the following day, and on both sessions I noticed that the healer kept focusing on my lower body. Somehow, this felt 'accurate', because I often felt 'stuck' in my lower body, hence probably explaining my obsession with 'hip opening' yoga classes . I am later to also find out that I have some blockages in my solar plexus, sacral and root chakra (though mostly solar plexus).

This discovery is again proof to me that we intuitively know best what we need in order to heal ourselves from within. I have been specifically craving fermented food and my Spring Clean tea more than usual in recent months, so discovering that I have certain blockages mainly in my solar plexus is no big surprise since this energy centre correlates with the digestive system and the gut.

A week has passed since the healing sessions. I find myself easily agitated throughout this week, with outbursts of anger usually only typical a few days prior to a particular time of the month, constipation (which I almost never experience), and fatigue .

Eager to learn more and to find out about these subtle changes taking place within my inner space , I googled these symptoms and found that it is called a 'healing crisis' . The experience can range from diarrhea to constipation, crying, fatigue, headaches and etc , and can last up to 14 days. It's actually a good sign, similar to symptoms we may typically face after a physical detox as trapped toxins enter the bloodstream and are eliminated through our system. Our bodies just need time to adjust to this renewed state of vibration.

So this what I would be dedicating the rest of the week to, healing myself from within, and hopefully the energy cleanse would be a lasting one, and bring about greater clarity and intuition.

Till then, I would be sitting home most evenings, with affirmations to soothe my core, writing and working with myself as much possible spiritually, mentally and physically to align with this renewed state of being.

Have you done any energy cleanse before? Do you know that our auras and energy centers are constantly changing, and just by doing something lightly positive like sending love thoughts or blessings to a loved one or also not so loved ones in our hearts will almost instantaneously raise our vibration and our light?

Beautiful isn't it how this stuff works, and really, I am just scraping the surface.

I am. I am. I am

Herbal tea and its remedies

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