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4 herbs to bestow energy & glow while on the road

Natural herbs & herbal tea for travel & on the road

With summer at our doorstep, most of us would probably have our next few months jam packed with weekend getaways and adventures - all great for the expansion of the spirit and soul. It does come with a cost however, since it is in the breaks from our daily routines that also give us the opportunities to indulge in late nights and sweet treats. Additionally, long flights, bus/train rides and weather change can add burden to our body, spirit and mental sanity.

Let's also not forget the painful adjustment at the tail end of our trip as we return to the daily grind that leaves even the happiest wanderlust amongst us a little weary by the end of the whole experience. Here are my fave 4 essential herbs that I'd always make sure to pack in my getaways to keep the body & mind healthy while on the constant go: 1. Peppermint

If you can find fresh mint at the markets where you are travelling, be sure to add it to your salad or even make tea out of it, since this gift from Mother Nature helps with digestion & the liver function. A real plus when on the road (& while trying out foreign foods & dishes).

(Found in: Spring Clean Tea) 2. Schisandra berries

If you know me, you'd realise by now that this is one of my favourite plant - it is a beauty superfood, packed with antioxidants and goodness. An adaptogen that helps regulate the body, and protects it on a cellular level from stressors in the daily environment & life. Since it is an adaptogen, basically it can be taken day or night - taken during the day, it helps to add mental alertness, while if taken at night, it helps to relax & calm the mind.

(Found in: Spring Clean Tea) 3. Ling Zhi

There's a lot of medical literature on the benefits of this mushroom, and I can't say enough about this adaptogen that helps combat inflammation, stress, low energy levels, insomnia and hormonal imbalances. In a nutshell, it has been proven to help strengthen the entire system : physical & spiritual.

(Found in: Radiance Tea)

4. Oregano (oil)

If you were to add a drop of oregano oil to cuts or even take it internally, it helps to kill harmful bacteria. Just be careful to add just a drop though, since oregano oil can be quite drying (to the skin). If you do oil pulling, adding a drop to the tablespoon of coconut oil helps add mileage to the oil pulling (kills bacteria, heals the gum and freshens breath).

As always - we are strong believers that maintaining a healthy (& happy!) physique, spirit & mind is not a sprint or a one-week retreat, but rather, a constant & consistent approach in our daily lives. Apart from herbs & adaptogens, we like to always make sure to fuel our bodies with greens & fresh fruits, fermented foods, meditation, a variety of workouts, to mention a few. What are your favourite remedies that you'd never leave home without? Would love to hear your comments & tips!

Important Note: My content is based on personal experiences and experiments since I am constantly seeking ways to optimise my health & vitality naturally using herbs and plants.

I am NOT a medical practitioner nor are our herbal blends meant to treat or cure any diseases or illnesses, thus please, if you have a medical condition, pregnant, breast-feeding or have any doubts at all, please make sure to seek professional advice.

Happy travels & well wishes!

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