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Herbs for a vibrational boost & to attract positivity

4 herbs to give your a vibrational boost. Healing herbal tea

Have you ever met someone that you've instantly felt so drawn to - their warmth, their confidence, their glow? (and we hope and aspire in all our hearts to be vibrating at that level as well?)

I am pretty sure we've all had that. And... I am pretty sure we've also crossed paths with individuals that gave off such angry, low, negative energies that we really just can't wait for that encounter to be over [note: if your answer is no, then I invite you to explore the Central/Admiralty MTR (in Hong Kong) at 845AM on a workday, and I am sure you will quickly get the drift. No judgements here, I am also one of the angry ones sometimes, since early morning rushes, morning meetings and crowds isn't really a good combo].

Now, there are so many ways in which situations, people or even our own emotions may rub off on us (thus influencing our vibrational energy). Likewise, there are also many tools (meditations, mantras, pranic healing etc) in which we can equip ourselves with to make sure that we discharge or ground the negative energies and put out instead loving, positive vibrations to our surroundings. This is specifically important to take note of since what we give out is ALWAYS what we receive, ten times more.

Let me just list my top 4 herbs that I mostly turn to for vibrational fixes:

1. Basil

A symbol of love in Italy, the use of basil in dishes, or its essential oils in the diffuser or on the burner would help release any negativity in your home or life. I have read that the basil also works to open the heart chakra, thereby invoking compassionate love for all beings as well as self love.

2. Schisandra berries

If you constantly feel low or fatigue, this could be a sign of lack of life's vital's forces within you.

Including these beauty berries in a herbal blend would help bring balance to your physique and energy flow. Consuming these berries post meditation is said to also help bring clarity to a turbulent mind.

3. Peppermint

If you feel stuck in certain areas of your life, or just having a 'bout of creativity block, the peppermint helps to clear any energy blocks that you may have and invokes creativity.

The peppermint also balances the solar plexus chakra which relates to confidence and self esteem (and thus possibly the reason for it being said to help one make clear decisions and move forward, and thus get un-stuck).

4. Astralagus

If you often find yourself drowning in hatred, anger and jealousy, the astralagus is said to help heal and balance the heart chakra which is the center for compassionate unconditional love.

BIG HINT: Schisandra berries and peppermint are both herbs found in our Spring Clean Tea; astralagus is definitely a star herb in our Radiance blend.

So there you go, four herbs to help give you a vibrational boost.

Happy amazing weekend all!

With love.

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