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Insta-worthy iced teas + picnic : tips for the summer

Oh hey ladies!

Today is a special day as it is the birthday of my bf, and we are happily spending it in Puglia with his family.

I am personally a fan of picnics, and I have been dying to pack chilled iced teas to bring with us on our adventures outdoors this summer. As soon as I spotted the gorgeous wine glasses in the pantry of the villa in which we are staying in, I knew it would be the perfect scene for iced teas - by the sea.

So ladies, if you’ve always wanted to make iced teas to take with you outdoors this summer, here’s everything you’d need to set up an insta-worthy picnic scene, complete with tips I have discovered over time.

Prepping the iced tea (time required: 10 mins)

1. In a tumbler or a reused clean glass jar, put your favourite summer fruits - I tend to go for peaches, lemon. Other ideas - apricots, cucumber, watermelon, cherries, aloe vera .

For ease of inserting and removing these fruits, I would suggest that the vessel you use has a diameter of at least 2-3 inches.

2. Put a teaspoon of Radiance blend into a reusable linen teabag or a teaball, and drop it into the tumbler/glass jar.

3. Fill tumbler/glass jar with water. Leave overnight in the fridge.

Preparing the picnic bag

1. On the day of the picnic, if you had infused the fruits in a bottled jar, transfer the blend into a tumbler.

Tip: Make sure that the tumbler does not leak when tilted. I would also recommend that you use a vessel that has a double glass lining to keep the infusion chilled, for as long possible.

2. Wrap the wine glasses in a towel.

Tip:to save space in the picnic bag, I used a sarong that I then easily doubled up as a picnic mat).

Tip: if you do not have wine glasses, alternatives would be teacups, these look lovely in photos too, I promise.

3. Other suggested items to bring with you:

• hat

• book

• sunglasses

• a teaspoon (for stirring/scooping up the fruits at the bottom of the glass

• your favourite Zippysparkles blend

(to sprinkle into the wine glass before serving)

Tip: if you have leftover herbs in the fridge, this would be the perfect opportunity to use these herbs as garnish. To pack, wrap these herbs in a slighlty damp tissue paper, and pack into a paper bag.

So there you go, tips for making and taking your iced teas outdoors this summer. I hope you find this useful, and if you do recreate your own ZS summer scene, do tag us @zippysparkles or #myteamomentwithzippysparkles if you’d like to be featured in our gallery.

🍹🌞sending love, sun & heaps of iced teas your way xx

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