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stories of a business owner  | 1 year plus in

Hi ladies!

It's been about a year plus since Zippysparkles went live. It has been such an scary, wonderful, butterfly in my stomach experience - an experience made so special with so much magic, all thanks to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

For one, never had I imagine to be running a side herbal tea business while on a full time Finance job in crazy busy city Hong Kong (I loveee Hong Kong!) , but as always again and again, I found that when you put your heart and intention into doing something good, something magic - the UNIVERSE CONSPIRES WITH YOU. 

Today's a little special post to anyone who's reading this - I doubt really if anyone has time to read blog these days (note to self - figure out to make videos!) , writing this for the sake of sentimentality (is there such a word? ). 

What I have learnt in my first year in, balls deep into a side business:

1. Focus on your work

I learnt this while on the mat at yoga practices. I realised how quickly I'd lose my balance if I were to look at what the others were doing - how far they could bend, how far they could stretch - and the more I tried to lean in and do what they were doing, the quicker I'd fall out of my asana, and flat onto my face.

I learnt to expand this learning beyond the mat. I learnt not to look at what others are doing, and just focus on what brings most joy to my heart.

2. Trust your intuition

I have always always been a no strategy strategy person. That's how I ended up having the best year of my life as an exchange student with AFS in The Netherlands when I was 17. Or how I ended up being a flight attendant with my best friends for 2 1/2 years in Singapore when I was 22. And, that's how I came to meet the sweetest, humble sincere supplier for my herbal blends of ingredients for my beauty and detox blends in my work with Zippysparkles. That's also how I decide who to reach out to and who to work with for Zippysparkles. And that's how I came to know a wonderful circle of entrepreneur women in Hong Kong. This city wouldn't feel like home if it's not for you ladies . You know who you are. From our business strategy talks to personal heartfelt ones - thank you for being in this adventure with me. Trust your intuition. 

3. Meditate. Make time for quiet.

I learnt that my intuition works best when it comes from my core. When my mind is quiet, that's when I am most able to make heart-centred decisions. If something feels wrong, sleep on it. for a day or two, or weeks. I learnt not to make decisions or work on ZS when I am out step with myself. I learnt to breathe life into ZS when I am at my happiest. This happens most when I consistently make time for quiet, for meditation. Now now, mediation comes in many forms (to me) - from quiet walks post work or over lunch break, from experimenting with beauty and nourishing recipes with my beauty or detox blends, from cooking in the kitchen, from knitting. 

4. People are generally good at heart

I am a strong believer that we attract what we believe. I am told many times over that I am naive, and I seem to live in my own bubble - but hey - believing that people are genuinely good at heart has brought me far. It's where I have been offered help countless times by strangers (who then become friends!). It's beautiful really. I wonder sometimes if my work with Zippysparkles is some sort of a journey of spiritual awakening (for  me). What a beautiful lesson to learn that people are good at the core.

5. Focus on what you can give to your clients. 

Give , give give. Weave love into your work. And watch the magic happen!

So there you go, my thoughts as to the best lessons learnt in this first year and half of running my own passion project. If you're reading this and thinking of starting up something you love, I'd tell you - GO FOR IT WOMAN! Leave me a note if you have questions. 

So much love, x


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May 31, 2022

Nice post thankks for sharing

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