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Teas and tisanes

Herbal blend cup of tea

So we have gone live last night! Yayyy!

We thought we'd first get down & dir-tea to basics.

Tea: What is it?

First and foremost, what really is tea? Tea, one of our most favourite comfort drink really is produced from the steeping of the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. Most of the teas produced globally is black tea (over 75%) , followed by green tea (20%) and the remaining are oolongs, yellow and white tea.

Tea vs tisanes

On the other hand, tisanes, herbal blends or herbal infusions like lavender, rooibos & chamomile are blends that technically speaking aren't really teas since these do not contain Camellia Sinensis. In South East Asia and East Asia, the terms teas and tisanes are commonly used interchangeably. For simplicity, we have opted to do the same in our communication.

Most of our blends are really herbal infusions, with the exception of the Spring Clean Tea, since it contains green tea.

No caffeine

As much as we love our green & white teas, we have made a conscious decision not to include any leaves of Camellia Sinensis in most of our blends (except for the Spring Clean blend) since we wanted to be able to sip these nourishing, grounding blends well into the evening (ie caffeine-free!!). Living in Hong Kong, we are constantly in need of time; to do more and be more, which really means that there is no time most mornings to enjoy a cuppa (morning meetings, anyone?). This means, apart from the Spring Clean Tea, you can enjoy our blends through the day, and well into the night.

Introduce our multi - tasking herbal blend (which really is meant to suit our also multi-tasking lifestyle), where we've thoughtfully included herbs to address specific concerns of us ladies.

We'll do our post soon on the adaptogenic herbs that we've mindfully included into our blends, since these are sort of restorative/regulating herbs that help our bodies adjust to its function depending on the day/activity.

More on that soon, I promise!

We hope that these blends find their way into your hearts & homes as they have definitely found their way into ours!

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