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Trying to give up coffee? Try this adaptogenic rose strawberry iced latte recipe

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

hello hot summer days in HK! We couldn’t possibly be happier to enjoy these warm sunny weather we are having in the city, I am almost in summer vacay mode already.

With warmer temperatures, I am not able to tolerate coffee on a daily basis too much, instead, I have been enjoying heaps of alternative tea lattes, especially this adaptogenic rose strawberry latte. Apart from it matching our ZS colour palette, it also is really tasty and makes for a good spin-off from the usual coffee-based lattes. If you are also working on reducing your coffee intake, here is a fun & healthy iced latte to try at home.


1 teaspoon Zippysparkles Radiance Beauty Blend

2 teaspoons dried edible rose petals

2-3 freshly washed strawberries

4- 5 cardamom pods

2 cups milk alternatives ( we like almond or oat milk)


dried edible rose petals


1. Pour milk alternative into a small saucepan, and include the rest of the ingredients except for the fresh strawberries ( Zippysparkles Radiance- Beauty Blend, rose petals, cardamom pods).

2. Bring mixture to a gentle boil.

3. Carefully strain the mixture and transfer mix to a blender. Add fresh strawberries (to achieve the light pink colour as picture) and lightly blend mixture into a happy frothy mix .

4. Serve in your favourite mugs or glasses. Add ice cubes & garnish with dried rose petals.

5. Take a picture, then put your mobile phone away and share the tea moment with a loved one or bestie.


As always, if you do try this recipe, do tag us at #zscommunitea #myteamomentwithzippysparkles

sending love!

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