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Herbal blends for wellness

It's month 2 since we've launched, and I am just sitting at my work desk while just about closing our accounts for the month of May and tying lose ends. 2 months of experiences, and what joy it has been!

Some of you may know by now, that I am in the Finance field by profession, one that is mostly regimented and structured and thus, it is in this venture that has really given me a 'fresh' new perspective in business, and in life. Let's say 'it's like taking in fresh air' is no understatement here.

Many of you would also be curious to know how did I come up with Zippysparkles, and more importantly, why?


For one, I have always been interested in health & wellness. I suspect most women are, since naturally, we are curious and greatly intrigued on topics related to anti-aging, beauty & youth for obvious reasons. So, apart from having a kitchen (tiny one!) packed with herbs, my racks are also typically filled with essential oils, oils, vitamins, supplements. Notably, my schedule speaks volume of my passion- ie mostly filled with gym sessions, meditation sessions, self help classes.

Second, I truly believe in a holistic approach to wellness. Not too long ago, in a previous lifetime as a flight attendant in Singapore, my diet comprised mostly of canned tuna, McDonald's chicken nuggets and in-flight meals (VGML, AVML the whole works). Then, my routines were greatly varied in that sleep was usually not of my interest (party all night, to work and straight on to partying). Naturally and obviously this took a huge toll on my body, skin and mental state. It is through this gradual self experiments over the past 7 years that my interest and knowledge grew, and in time, I realised that eating a whole lot of oranges (for vitamin C) for example, will not give me great skin nor heal my flu. I had to also make sure I sleep enough, drink enough (water), eat properly (no, canned tuna is not real food). It was probably in the past 3 years that I started meditation and sought to learn more on spirituality (non-religion aspect) that I accidentally stumbled onto this other complementing aspect to the realm of wellness. Then I discovered herbs, supplements, oils and how all these tools came together as a complete picture. And so, this was how the whole ecosystem of wellness, health and beauty was made known to me. Through self experiments, learnings that the study of herbs, herbal blends and how it may support one's lifestyle.


Third, while blessed with quick thinking mental acuity, I will not say the same of my skin. Probably my constitution tends to 'overheat', thus consuming virtually anything with dairy, sugar, fried, or any additional external stressors typically result in spots, rashes. I guess it is a blessing since it serves as a sort of compass as to whether at any point in time, if I am looking after myself. In others, bad lifestyle choices may not typically show on your skin (ohhh lucky you!), but it shows up instead in your bodies. Or your mental state (angry, jealous much?), or your energy levels (fatigue, lack of mental concentration?) My conditions resulted in the many experiments, readings on herbal remedies (and so many other helpful aspects like meditation, spirituality, consciousness), mainly - how these herbs work to support and build immunity.


Living and working in Hong Kong in my field means I work in a fast paced, highly judgemental, and result driven environment (hello stress city & sleepless nights!). I don't mind that much since I see it as a sort of a game and a challenge, and I LOVEEEE living in the city and in the fast pace (if you don't do it now, then when, really?). Yet, I try to always discharge the undue stress on my physique and mental state as much possible. I propose that we all do the same, for the sake of our wellness, happiness and yes, sanity. Here's to slaying our dragons and conquering new territories - looking, feeling & being our maximum best.

Thus, it is with this broad, general reasons that our blends are formulated for the urban, busy woman in mind, since I suspect my lifestyle and constitution should not differ too greatly from many women in the city.


I say it all the time, and I shall state it here too - our blends are not meant to treat any illness or disease. I am not medically trained. These blends are my own recipes, which I have formulated (as would a home chef test a cake recipe) for my own issues like bloating, insomnia, heatiness.

The consumption of Spring Clean will not make you slimmer nor would Radiance magically heal acne - these herbs are just aids in making our lives, our physique, our mental states better. Ultimately, we need to be accountable for the whole works - ie, we would still need to show up for workout sessions a couple of times each week. Eat well. Love. Give thanks. Meditate. Practice self love. Practice empathy. Take your greens. And your fruits. Heaps of it. Make space for rest. Make space for love. Then go out and dance a little. Drink a little. Eat some cake. And a croissant. Just a little. Just live.

The whole works I found, works in perfect orchestra in ensuring one's happiness (& sanity).

Also, if you have an existing medical condition, taking medication, nursing, pregnant or have any doubts - please do check with your physician, doctor prior to consumption.


And as always, happiness and wellness is not a final state in which we permanently rest. It constantly evolves and change, some days we do better. some days not. Its the whole experience, and learning to just not give ourselves too hard a time.

Enjoy, rest well, be well.

Lots of love.

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